AARP Tax-Aide’s Appointment Schedules Are Full for 2020 Tax Returns

The calendars for Tax-Aide in Bryan and College Station are now completely full. Both sites have stopped taking appointments, and the site in Brenham is closed. Although the sites at Mounce and Ringer will not close until April 30, we are unable to schedule any additional appointments for 2020 tax return preparation. The phone numbers listed in the packets for making appointments are no longer functioning.

Texas taxpayers are reminded that they have until June 15 to file their 2020 returns due to the winter storm in February.

Taxpayers who have not already filed for the 2020 tax year might also consider trying the free tax preparation services offered by the IRS at

AARP Tax-Aide Extended Two Weeks

We previously advertised that we would cease booking scanning appointments after April 7 and close April 15. That was before IRS extended the filing deadline in Texas to June 15.

Because of the high demand, we are extending our preparation season to close on April 30. However, because we must allow a week to prepare the tax returns, we will not be able to set any initial appointments for intake after April 23. That last week of April we will be delivering finished tax returns.

Participants must first obtain a Tax-Aide packet at the Mounce Library in Bryan or the Ringer Library in College Station. The enclosed instructions explain how to schedule a curbside appointment to have their tax documents scanned for the preparers.

During that initial appointment, taxpayers wait in their cars while a volunteer scans their documents into Tax-Aide’s secure computers. Each tax return is prepared offsite and will be ready a week later for curbside pick-up. By minimizing in-person contact, this process helps protect the health of both Tax-Aide clients and volunteers.

After Tax-Aide closes, taxpayers can explore the free filing options offered by the IRS on the web at This year, Texas residents have until June 15 to file their income tax returns, because of the deadline extension granted by the IRS after our state’s winter storm disaster.


Brazos Valley AARP Tax-Aide Online

with locations in Bryan, College Station, and Brenham

Tax-Aide will be using a new process for preparing tax returns in 2021. The service continues to be free. To help us protect your health and the security of your documents, we ask that you follow the steps below:

About a week after your appointment, your income tax return will be ready to pick up; or it can be transferred to you through a secure electronic system. During the week, an AARP tax preparer will call you to make sure they understand your tax situation. After you review your tax return and sign to give approval, we will file it electronically with the IRS.

Now to get started, click on the link to download the file, save it on your computer, and open it with the free Reader at The file is over 50 pages. We suggest that you view it on your screen and just print those pages that you need. Some of the forms are fillable so you can type in the responses and then print those pages.

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AARP Tax-Aide is back . . .

Although we opened later than usual this year, we are up and running—with a new process that takes about a week to complete and starts with an appointment for curbside service. The new process is designed to ensure safety for both taxpayers and volunteers.

Tax-Aide packets (with instructions for making appointments and completing required paperwork) are available at the Mounce Library in Bryan and the Ringer Library in College Station. A third site at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Brenham is fully booked for the season.

Because of winter storms, the IRS has given Texas residents an extension until June 15 to file tax returns and make payments. At this time, the local Tax-Aide sites will stop scheduling new clients on April 23, so we encourage taxpayers to file early. Taxpayers will be able to defer payment of amounts owed until June 15. See the website for information and any schedule updates.